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Stress is a necessary part of one's life. When we do not successfully recognize, divert, or process the stressors that affect us, our body's reaction becomes negative and goes into a phase called the "Fight or Flight Syndrome." If the source of stress is not counteracted, after a period of time the person experiences the disease phase.

I believe strongly in self awareness and the power of regular massage therapy. I will take the time to teach you how to reap the benefits from  regular massage treatments.

Each massage session is individualized according to your specific therapeutic needs. 

My techniques are beneficial for stress reduction and increased range of motion.

I am inspired by how the body moves and work to find  inner balance, physically and emotionally. 

I have a background in social service and I quickly became passionate about massage therapies. I find it rewarding to work with clients to bring balance to the body and the mind while providing the highest quality professional, therapeutic massage to clents.






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